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Additional Main Quest Opportunities

Hello everyone,

To help you achieve your 70 or more required Main Quest Points, here are some possible activities you can choose from to complete. The rest of the details will be provided in class.

  1. Gaming Master List (10 MQ Points, due by April 22, when all quest materials are due, edit directly on spreadsheet with your name)
  2. Fun facts about Gaming  (10 MQ points, submit via email to Ms. Burroughs by April 22) 
  3. Class faction/team/squad banner (10 MQ points, submit via email to Ms. Burroughs, due by April 22 and let Ms. Burroughs know if you would like the banner to be posted publicly on the course website or not)
  4. Gaming News (10 MQ points, due by April 22, submit via email to Ms. Burroughs) 


Here is an example of the comic series we mentioned yesterday in class that focuses on pointing out the absurdities of some social and cultural practices.