SIDE QUEST: Community Knowledge-Making

To complete this quest:

  • Create a  multimodal essay explaining what gamergate is and why it is culturally important in your own words, utilizing multiple hyperlinks to credible sources. Assume readers have never heard of gamergate before and aren’t familiar with gaming. Turn in a link via Blackboard.
  • Watch Ninja’s Twitch channel for at least an hour and develop a list of strategies he uses to communicate with fans about how to play well. Turn in via Blackboard.
  • Develop a tutorial video to either introduce viewers to a new game or help them navigate a difficult portion of any game. Assume viewers are non-experts. Post your video in a public gaming forum (likely Twitch or YouTube) and turn in the link via Blackboard.
  • Listen to this episode of The Curiosity Hour podcast with Scott Nicholson, lead professor for the Game Design and Development program at Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Create a social media post with your reflections on the podcast (make sure to connect to community/culture-making), tag the podcast series, and turn in evidence of your engagement via Blackboard.